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Alila, Ubud: The Perfect Getaway

Alila, Ubud is a serene, impressively large and beautiful resort that spells luxury. Nestled in the Balinese rainforest, and atop the Ayung River valley, the Alila Ubud resort has acres of lush greenery that stretches into the horizon. We drive through long, winding roads to get to this property that’s pretty much off city (Ubud) limits. The rains welcome us with open arms and the prettiness grows multifold as the day unfolds into an ochre sunset.

The reception area is open and airy and we sink into the cushioned sofas, quietly sipping the spiced refreshment. A short walk along a charming stone path takes us to our room and we wait for the bellboy to leave before squealing with joy. Our room overlooks the rainforest, an extension of our private garden. An open courtyard with a bath at the back tops the whole setting. With stone walls and minimal lights this courtyard is open (I can see the sky and landscape people!) yet private. Talk about luxury! There is cool breeze all day and sultry rain that simply adds to the magic of the beautiful sights at the resort.

We have an 8 course Balinese meal that has us oohing and aahing. The proportions are just right for us and to our taste; the Balinese wrapped fish are curried prawn are definite winners. Mealtimes here are an experience. The food is great, of course; the locations; amazing! There’s breakfast at the plantation restaurant with a stunning view of the landscape and dinner at the cabana lounge by the swimming pool.

The swimming pool: the infinity pool is fascinating all on its own!

There's an extravagance to watching the minutes tick away as I sit languidly by the infinity pool at Alila. The days are warm and the evenings beautiful, peaceful and studded with stars. The infinity pool and the lounge built around it are glamorous by evening with the mood lights and chic ambience on point, and you realize why this infinity pool is 5 star rated (yea, they have those for pools as well!).

There are tourists of all sorts here at the resort: plenty of Australian middle-aged couples, young Kiwis who were perpetually bikini clad, honeymooners enjoying private dinners and then there was us: caught between exploring Ubud and lounging at the resort.

Gilded entryway to The Don Antonia Blanco Museum
Entryway to The Don Antonia Blanco Museum

Ubud is known as Bali’s cultural heart. There are art galleries that cater to the enthusiast’s and novice’s palette. The Don Antonia Blanco Museum is among the must-visit art museums in Ubud. Structurally and visually, walking through the Blanco museum is a treat to the eyes, mind and the heart.

In the Ubud Shopping area
In the Ubud Shopping area

The traditional Ubud markets have the quintessential wares and bustle that draw tourists from the World over. From jewelry to Moroccan style oil lamps, jeweled knives, brass Buddha statues and idols in all forms and sizes, quilts, Ikat skirts, Balinese style wood carvings, exotic wooden cookware and t-shirts with Bali printed on them; the market has it all. You can easily spend 2-3 hrs and lighten your wallets many times over. Bargaining is a must though as there are no fixed prices.

Indulgent walks along the cobbled pathways, quick access to the markets and culture, evenings by the cabana lounge and breaking laps at the infinity pool; the Alila Ubud luxury resort is the perfect getaway paradise.

Sunset, Greens, Beauty
Sunset, Bali

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