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Eateries in Bali!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I've listed my top recommendation for eating out in Bali. These are in no way comprehensive - just my top picks out of all the places we visited!

1. Kuta Seaview Beach Resort and Spa, Kuta, Bali

Kuta Seaview Beach Resort and Spa is a short drive from the Denpasar Airport. It is a fantastic location - located along the Kuta beach and next to the Beachwalk Shopping Center (yay). The Kuta Square Shopping arcade is also within walking distance (double yay!).

The resort is a hidden jewel that transports you into a world of peace and calm. It has cute little cottages and a lot of greenery. The food at this boutique hotel is mind-blowing! We walked into to the poolside lounge Rosso Vivo and jet lagged as we were after the 10 hour journey from India, got some pizza. This simple Pizza had us salivating. So much so that we came back the next day for a taste of a little bit more (cos y’know jet lag might’ve had us hallucinating!).

Fresh salads, scrumptious seafood and delicious wine cocktails – what more could you want for a lazy afternoon as you while away doing nothing. The staff is friendly too and everything feels cozily perfect as you dip into the pool and slip away into bliss.

Girl sipping cocktail
Slurping a wine cocktail at the poolside restaurant

2. Kitchenette, Kuta, Bali

We didn’t realize there was a shopping center right next to our hotel and housed beautiful, quaint cafes with a street view. We had dinner at Kitchenette, a lively little place that we thought we’d try and was also rated high on Zomato. Our hostess was cheerful and that really added to our experience! Gaurav was on a beer and salad diet while I had a lovely prawn dish. I wasn’t so crazy about my fruity cocktail that looked like a fantastic tropical sunset but was too sweet for my taste.

There were these chic sunbeds to lounge in and seemed to be quite popular (they were all occupied). I could imagine stretching my legs out (especially after the long walk we’d indulged in earlier that day) and looking at the street, the traffic and the people as the evening passed us by. It is so much fun to simply watch and drink-in the culture of the place.

We were so delighted with our experience and the ambience here that we came back to Kitchenette for breakfast on our final day at Kuta, Bali.

Front facade of the Kitchenette restaurant in Bali
Kitchenette restaurant at the shopping centre

3. Naughty Nuri’s, Ubud, Bali

We began our day trip with Naughty Nuri! The day was warm and we stayed away from the much talked about pork ribs. Quick service and yummy food! We shared a table with a Balinese family and an American couple – the place was that crowded! The Naughty Nuri’s we went to wasn’t fancy or even air conditioned for that matter, but the food was marvelous. I had some Balinese rice and curried chicken with some lemonade and Gaurav had his standard salad with chicken. I can’t say it enough – all the veggies and the seafood are so mouthwateringly fresh!

Naughty Nuris restaurant
Quaint facade of Naughty Nuris

4. Boardwalk Restaurant, Kuta, Bali

We had a long day sightseeing in Bali and we were quite tired at the end of it. All we wanted to do was to sit back and relax and that is exactly what we did. We walked across to the beach opposite our hotel and to the tastefully lit Boardwalk Restaurant.

This stunning beachfront restaurant boasts of Mediterranean cuisine. We sank into plush and comfortable seating; watching the gentle rolling of the waves. I could imagine walking along the beach, dipping my feet in the cool water and being bathed in the moonlight. I was too tired though, and made do with some ice water and some soul nourishing seafood.

We had delicious tempura prawns, garlic bread, a Greek salad, and some super fresh Barramundi. The service was quick and the staff, friendly. Fire dancers performed interesting acts and were quite something to watch – though it’s not as exciting if you’ve seen it before.

The place is huge and has multiple sections designed to cater to heterogeneous clientele. We were there for dinner and I think it looks beautiful during and after sunset. Boardwalk should definitely be on your must visit list.

Lights at the boardwalk restaurant
Stunning lights at the restaurant

5. Beachwalk Shopping Centre, Kuta, Bali

This is one of the modern looking structures in Bali and has an open design. I love the idea of shopping for new clothes from a different culture. I love looking at the facades, the attractive retail displays and get a general idea of what’s trendy. I loved Beachwalk for the seemingly cozy nest it offered, but it could simply be the promise of shopping!

Beachwalk is great for some quick international picks from Topshop, Pull & Bear, Zara, H&M, Mango and so much more. There are a bunch of eateries (Johnny Rockets, Fish & CO etc.) and a cinema hall as well.

Entry way to the Boardwalk Shopping Centre
Boardwalk Shopping Centre, Kuta, Bali

I'm so sure we did not even scratch the surface with the eateries and hangouts! Would love to hear your fave places. Drop in a line homies.

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