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Goa: a delightful, fluffy weekend all year long

Go to Goa for the ultimate holiday feel; where the days and the beer run smoother. An early (or late) morning jog along the beach, the breeze, exhilarating and the atmosphere, sensational.

Goa: the name transports one to a place of uber relaxation; where life runs just a little slower. A leisurely pace from the usual hustle bustle and routine, Goa brings to mind happy people, smiling faces, beaches, sun, sand and perpetual great times.

You’ll find that there's a different rhythm to life when it's set by the waves crashing at your feet as you walk the length of the beach.

Food and cafes in Goa are a major attraction. From the welcoming ambience at Baba Au Rhum (I’m such a fangirl!) to the comfort and familiarity at Brittos; from the ease of walking in to just any shack dotting the beaches’ shoreline to the glamor at one the many clubs that puts Goa on the party map: Goa offers it all. It attracts people of all ages and nations, with varying agenda and mindsets. To some, it is also a religious destination too! And they all coexist in seeming harmony.

You’ll find that there's a different rhythm to life when it's set by the waves crashing at your feet as you walk the length of the beach. There's a peaceful calm watching the waves kiss sand repeatedly – like a loop or a trance that is soothing, easing the knots in your body like an expert Balinese masseuse would.

As one meanders through Goa: Anjuna, Mapusa, Arpora all the way to Panjim, you’ll find that the roads are speckled with beautiful, colorful colonial style houses and bungalows. Most houses have open verandahs; families sit together in the evenings or you could even spot the loner seeking solitude, lost in his thoughts.

At the beach, the sky is multihued: orange-red with hints of golden yellow, the greys of clouds adding a contrast to the whole spectacular setting. Families walk along the beach, young adults splashing about, and a bunch of them having conversations while plonking themselves amidst the beachy waves. Vendors sell their wares all day long - bracelets, anklets, hair braids and what not. In the distance there are parasailers and speedboats out for adventures in water.

My favorite water sport is parasailing. Up in the air, literally above ground and there’s that same old feeling: that this World is one large place and I’m one tiny, insignificant speck of being. Also, that the hooks could rupture and I’d land mid-ocean – a good way to go though. It’s definitely not as scary as being a van watching 2 Bengal Tigers snarling at each other, ready to attack!

In addition to water sports and the great party scenes, there’s so much to see in Goa. From its famous churches, to islands and even a National Park, Goa is a complete traveler’s destination. My favorite though is the Chapora Fort. It’s a lot more than the locations where a famed scene from Dil Chahta Hai was shot.

A short uphill hike takes you to clean grassy land, wide open space with a spectacular view of the beach. A cool breeze keeps company and as you walk around taking in the vista or simply sit on the brick wall gazing out towards the ocean. As with most things Goan, it brings peace and happiness.

Every day in Goa feels liberating, a ritual of cleansing the body, mind and soul. There are all of these facets to Goa that I’m sure I’ll miss. The lack of traffic and city sounds especially during the evenings, are a respite. I absolutely miss the sound of the waves crashing, for even in them I found a strange quiet and peace.

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